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Reo Yoo

President |

Howdy! I'm Reo, a San Diego native and your BMES President for this coming year. When I'm not in classes, I love making music, cooking, playing Smash Ultimate, and hanging out with friends. I am always happy to meet new people, and so feel free to reach out to me any time!

Michael Bennington

Vice-President External |

Hey everyone! I'm Michael Bennington and I am your VP External this year. I am really excited to help bring some exciting career, internship and graduate school opportunities to you this year. I am also around if you need any professional advice, help with resumes and cover letters, want to practice for interviews, or just want to chat! Besides BMES, I play for the UCSD Men's Lacrosse Team and love learn about robotics and computer coding.

Daibo Zhang

Vice-President Internal |

This is Daibo.

Tawny Bagnol

Vice-President Finance |

Hello everyone! My name is Tawny and I am your VP of Finance. I am excited to be a part of your BMES experience this year. I love sushi and food in general so if you ever want to go out on a food date or just talk over coffee and tea, I will always be happy to have you join me. If you have any questions about membership or leadership development opportunities, feel free to ask me :)

Kendra Worthington

Bioengineering Day Chair |

Hi! My name is Kendra, and I'm excited to be one of this year's Bioengineering Day Co-Chairs! We hope to build a strong and inclusive committee as we plan our annual event and make it the best Bioengineering Day yet! When not doing BMES things, I love to workout, hang out with friends, paint, cook, and occasionally read a good book. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Aoife O'Farrell

Bioengineering Day Chair |

Hey everyone! My name is Aoife (yep, my name is 80% vowels!), and I'm so excited to be one of your BE-Day Co Chairs! When I'm not in PFBH, you can probably find me out at Gliderport or giving tours of campus (I tell far too many puns...) Hit me up if you ever need class advice, someone to talk to, or a hiking buddy!

Nipun Talwar

Lab Expo Chair |

Hi everyone! Yuren (our webmaster) made me fill this out so here we are. I will be heading the Lab Expo 2020 Committe along with Khoi. When I'm not spending all my time studying or complaining about studying, I am either binging a show on Netflix or watching Liverpool destroy everyone in soccer. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Lab Expo or just wanna talk about soccer (unless you support Manchester United).

Khoi Le

Lab Expo Chair |

Hey everyone! My name is Khoi (like the fish!), and my co-chair Nipun and I will be heading the Lab Expo 2020 Committee. Outside of classes, you'll probably catch me on my Switch, cooking, or chilling with friends. I'm always happy to talk, academics-related or not, so don't hesitate to approach if you ever see me around!

Elisabette Magana Tapia

Project Team Lead |

Hi everyone! My co-chair, Parker, and I are very excited to be working with you to start design projects, research projects, and lead workshops. Outside of class, you can usually find me either in the Biomedical Library or Geisel. I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, drinking tea, cooking/baking, and trying out different restaurants. Go ahead and say "hi" if you see me :)

Parker Hill

Project Team Lead |

Hey all, my name is Parker, and along with my co-chair Eli we will be leading the BMES Project Team! I'm excited to work with you all to host workshops, start design projects, and set-up research projects! Whenever I'm not in PFBH you can likely find me hidden away in a corner of Geisel or in Atkinson Hall. Outside of school I like to train for mud runs, read fantasy books, and attempt to cook. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me around campus!

Beverly Peng

Social Chair |

Hello! I'm Beverly Peng, and along with my co-chair Kimberly, we will be planning BMES's socials! Whenever I'm not in PFBH, I can probably be found in Geisel with coffee or taking a nap somewhere. Outside of school life, I love baking, crafting, being active, and watching Kdramas. See you around!

Kimberly Surja

Social Chair |

Hi! I'm Kimberly and I'm one of your social officers! When I'm not in class (which is pretty often) I like to cook, lay on my bed, and binge watch some shows. I'm always on campus so do hit me up when you want to talk about anything or just hang out!

Megan Tjuanta

Outreach Chair |

Hey Jude...Amador and I are thrilled to be your Outreach co-chairs this year. We look forward to spreading the word of science and engineering. The element of mystery awaits you if you join us...

Amador Cabrera Lagunas

Outreach Chair |

This is Amador.

Kelvin Zarate

Translational Medicine Day Chair |

Hi everyone! My name is Kelvin, and Kevin and I are super excited to be your Translational Medicine Day co-chairs this year. The free time I can find is spent eating, hanging out with friends, or preferably both. I love helping people, so don't be shy if you need any advice on literally anything. Find me around PFBH, Geisel, or hit me up on Facebook if you ever want to talk.

Kevin Yu

Translational Medicine Day Chair |

Hey all! Along with Kelvin, I'll be one of your Translational Medicine Day co-chairs for this year. If you'd like, I'm always open a chat if you spot me studying at PFBH, Mandeville Auditorium, or Geisel Library. Academia aside, I also enjoy creative writing (focusing on impactful, "punchy" stories and poems), drawing, gaming, and simple musings on life.


Freshman Representative Co-Chair |

This position will be selected from incoming freshman of class 2023


Freshman Representative Co-Chair |

This position will be selected from incoming freshman of class 2023

Jessica Ma

Historian |

This is Jessica.

Yuren Dong

Webmaster |

Hi I'm Yuren, and I'll be in charge of web & tech works this year. I love cooking, animes, and video games. Feel free to come talk to me about anything.