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Alexandra Kasper

President |

Hi everyone! I'm Alexandra, your President for the 2017-2018 school year. This is my third (and last) year at UC San Diego after transferring from UC Santa Cruz into the Bioengineering: Biotechnology major. When I am not studying or in BMES meetings (lol) I enjoy hiking, dancing, tagging friends in memes, and brunching. I also work as an undergraduate researcher in the Zhong Lab for Systems Biology. I am so excited to kick off the year and meet all of the freshmen, first year transfers, and new members in general! One of my favorite things about BMES is the people - getting to connect with them and bring them all kinds of exciting opportunities. If there is ever anything you want to ask me about or talk about, shoot me an email or add me on Facebook!

Jon Kavner

Vice-President External |

Hey everyone! My name is Jon and I am your VP External for next year! If you have any questions regarding internships, lab positions, resumes, and the like, feel free to message me or talk to me in person! I'm usually pretty friendly!! (Except when I'm cooking, apparently I get very "demanding" haha). Also, I am a third year Bioengineering: Bioengineering major from Revelle College. My interests are in prosthetics and human-machine interfaces. Some of my hobbies are baking, listening to audio books, and role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Hope to see you around campus!

Katherine Lowe

Vice-President Internal |

Hello! I'm a third year Bioengineering: Bioengineering major in Warren College. I love tea lattes, going to the beach, and sleeping. I also work on cardiovascular imaging in Dr. McVeigh's lab. If you want to talk to me in person, I guarantee you'll find me eating sambusas at the farmers market that happens every week on campus. If you have any questions, let me know. Feel free to shoot me a message about anything, anytime!

Geovanni Alarcon

Vice-President Finance |

If you have made it this far reading bios then you must really love BMES (or probably just Irmak lurking around). I go by Geo and I am a senior in the Bioengineering: Biotechnology program. My passion for DIY science and technology is what fuels me to want to lower racial health disparities. If I'm not studying for my classes, I'm usually in lab doing research or at the gym. For leisure, I enjoy sipping on a glass of wine with one hand and reading a science fiction novel on another. Next time you see me, stop me and say hi. I'm always willing to chat.

Tong Jin

Bioengineering Day Chair |

I'm currently a Bioengineering: Bioinformatics student from Marshall. I switched into the Bioengineering Department, so feel free to ask me for help if you are considering that. I grew up in China and have been in the States for three year now. Love photography, cooking, eating and going to the gym. Currently learning how to surf, hit me up if you have the same interest..

Madinah Najib

Bioengineering Day Chair |

I am a second year B.S. Bioengineering: Bioengineering candidate with interests in bioinformatics and bio materials. When I'm not elucidating the role of steroids in the immune response of aging patients at Stein Clinical Research center, you can find me at PFBH crying over homework.

Troy Hussain

Lab Expo Chair |

Yo! My name's Troy and I'm a second year from Warren. My major is Physics: Biophysics and I'm hoping to pursue MSTP after college. As Lab Expo Co-chair this year, I'm determined to introduce undergrads to the diverse and thriving research community present at our fine institution. When I'm not studying, I enjoy spending time with friends and taking walks. Send me a message if you have any questions or wanna hang :] See ya!

Arya Kaul

Lab Expo Chair |

I'm currently a Junior at the University of California, San Diego completing my degree in Bioengineering: Bioinformatics. My interests lie in making science accessible and understandable to the general public, and I hope for Lab Expo to stand for this cause. Only when a sense of scientific wonder is reignited in the public consciousness will science get the respect and admiration it so rightfully deserves.

Jiazhen Rong (Jojo)

Project Team Lead |

I am JoJo (Jiazhen Rong), a third year Bioengineering:Biotechnology major at Warren College. I also have a minor in Literature in English. If anyone would like to watch a theatrical play or to bake for fun, please call me together. Besides, I am an international student from Beijing, China.

Shoun Matsuka

Project Team Lead |

Hey guys, I'm Shoun! Love food, the beach in SoCal, dance, music, and camping?? You're my best friend!!! In addition to designing/developing medical devices, I'm interested in integrating the biomedical technologies with business! Oh, I'm also an international student :)

Alexandra Muise

Social Chair |

Hi friends! I'm a 4th year, Bioengineering: Biotechnology major who spends most of her time in lab or at BMES. However, in my spare time, I also enjoy baking, running, and eating at fun new places, so feel free to contact me if you have questions about BMES, worries about college, or want to get off campus to eat some real food.

Frank He

Social Chair |

I'm a second year Marshall student switching into Bioengineering: Biotechnology. I spend most of my time avoiding my studies by going to the gym, playing video games, AND dedicating myself to 103% to BMES! I hope to bring all of our active members closer together in an inclusive environment where we can all support one another. If you want to find me, I can usually be found at the nearest source of food.

Taylor Martin

Outreach Chair |

Hi everybody! My name is Taylor and I'm a fourth year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major from Revelle college. I'm an out-of-state student from Madison, Wisconsin so feel free to contact me with any questions about adjusting to California! I'm currently working in the Sailor and Christman labs as well as volunteering as a peer educator for UCSD's Sexual Assault Resource Center. My hobbies include cooking (and eating!), reading, and spying on people's dogs at the farmers market. Please reach out to me any time if you have questions about BMES or UCSD!

Reo Yoo

Outreach Chair |

Hi everyone, my name is Reo Yoo, one of your Outreach Committee Co-chairs. I am currently a second year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major. I was born in Singapore, but moved to the United States in 2005. A San Diego resident ever since then, I am always happy to share some of the great things to see, eat and enjoy in the area. I am always happy to talk and give advice, so hello if you ever see me!

Prashila Amatya

Translational Medicine Day Chair |

Hi there! :) I am a fourth year Bioengineering: Bioengineering major from Warren College. As a pre-medical student who is currently involved in translational research, I am really excited to plan this year's Translational Medicine Day with you all! Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, camping, and letting Netflix autoplay forever. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about BMES or TMD!

Justin Burger

Translational Medicine Day Chair |

Hey all! I'm a second year Revelle student studying Mechanical Engineering, though I'm planning on transfering into Bioengineering:Bioengineering. As an aspiring bioengineer, my interests in both medicine and technology fuel my passion to further the field of translational medicine, and this year, as one of the TMD co-chairs, I'll be working hard to spread the "bench-to-bedside" moto. When I'm not doing that, you can find me working in the prototyping lab in Atkinson Hall, at the beach learning to surf, on the streets riding my motorcycle, or in the mountains roughing it on a hike.

Summer Batasin

Freshman Representative Co-Chair |

Hi everyone! I'm Summer, one of your Freshman Representative co-chairs for this year! I'm a first-year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major from ERC, thinking about either medical school or a MSTP after college. I'm super interested in neuroscience and currently research neurogenesis and epilepsy in the Gage lab at the Salk Institute. In my free time, I enjoy baking, binge watching Netflix, and playing water polo. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about applying to college, freshmen committee, or anything in between!

Daniel Carrillo

Freshman Representative Co-Chair |

Hello! I'm Dan and I'm the Freshman Representative co-chair. I'm a first year studying Bioengineering: Biotechnology, and I'm super excited about the opportunities UC San Diego will provide me with! I'm from Nashville and I play the trombone. I love reading about the microbiome and I hope to research it when I grow up.

Irmak Ipekci

Historian |

I am a senior Bioengineering: Biotechnology student serving in the BMES officer board for the second year in a row. I'm passionate about giving back to this amazing community so that you all see how special UCSD bioengineering and BMES is. Outside of class you can find me mostly sitting/sleeping on the couches in PFBH, but I also like to explore SD, eat out and go hiking. I'll be taking a lot of photos this year so be on the lookout for that and give me your best pose!

Kritin Karkare

Webmaster |

Hey there! My name is Kritin and I will be your Webmaster for next year. I am a third year Bioengineering: Bioinformatics major with a minor in Cognitive Science in Warren College, and I work in Dr. Palsson's lab and in the Swartz Center for Computational Science working on brain computer interfaces. I'm incredibly passionate about scientific journalism and communication, and hope to be a professor teaching people about my research. I also play competitive Pokemon, play Go and go on occasional Google Search binges to satisfy my curiosity for new knowledge. College is a very cool time to learn more about what you are interested in - I would never have guessed I would be so jazzed about outreach and journalism had I not gotten involved. It's also a time to grow and learn from all of the amazing, talented students you will be going to classes with. Like Alexandra, my favorite part of BMES are the friends I've met, and I hope for you that can be the same!