Bioengineering Day

April 27th, 2018 from 8:00am - 5:00pm in the Telemedicine Building in the UCSD School of Medicine



Bioengineering Day serves to celebrate UC San Diego's consistently top ranked bioengineering department, the current research by students, and the overall burgeoning field itself. The day-long event features various speakers, senior design project presentations, research seminars, and networking sessions. It is attended by well over 400 people each year, and is a great opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and members from industry to form valuable connections with one another.
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This year's event will be held in the Telemedicine Building in the School of Medicine.

Driving Directions
  • From I-5 North/South, exit onto La Jolla Village Drive West
  • Turn right onto Villa La Jolla Drive
  • Up the hill about 0.3 miles (stay in left lane as the right lane must turn)
  • Go past the first light (the VA center is on your right)
  • At the next light, drive straight into the Gilman Parking Structure or Parking lot P602.
  • Walk through parking lot and lawn to the Telemedicine building.

Event Schedule

Networking Luncheon


Tom Skalak, the founding Executive Director of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, has been seeking for the innovation and creativity of quantitative bioscience in the industrial scale for many years. He led the launch of the OpenGrounds collaboration initiative at University of Virginia, providing people opportunities to communicate with domestic and international partners. He associated with cooperates and communities including Global Water Games, a collaboration between UVA and Azure Worldwide in environmental design and Virginia Innovation Partnership (VIP). Moreover, Dr. Skalak was also the founder of the UVA-Coulter Foundation Translational Research Partnership, a $20M program that funds novel biomedical technologies in clinical practice.
As a professor of Biomedical Engineering and a former President of both the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) and the national Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Dr. Skalak’s broad research fields include cardiovascular system biomechanics, computational biology, and regenerative medicine. As a senior speaker, he has been cooperating with versatile companies and organizations including Fortune 500, art museums, and The White House.

Distinguished Lecturer

Dr. Craig Goergen, obtained his B.S. in biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in bioengineering from Stanford University. He completed his postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, focusing on optical imaging of cardiac disease. He joined the faculty at Purdue in December of 2012, and is the assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering. He is the principal investigator for the Purdue Cardiovascular Imaging Research Laboratory (CVIRL). His current research interests focus on developing advanced imaging techniques to study cardiovascular disease.
Through the use of biomedical optics, magnetic resonance, and ultrasound, his group is studying a variety of diseases, aimed to advance imaging techniques to study disease progression and improve detection and treatment across a broad spectrum of medical conditions, ultimately enhancing the quality of human life. (including abdominal aortic aneurysms, congenital heart disease, atherosclerosis, and left ventricular hypertrophy).
As a part of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University, Dr. Goergen’s team works with collaborators in the College of Engineering, the College of Health and Human Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Indiana University School of Medicine, and others to conduct translational research. With his team, Dr. Craig Goergen is current making efforts to take a more expansive approach, including research projects from cancer to diabetes, using non-invasive imaging to positively impact the clinical care of patients. Dr. Goergen's overall goal is to advance the field of imaging to help diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, ultimately providing patients with longer and more fulfilling lives, directly improving their lives.


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If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact one of our planning chairs!
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