Lab Expo 2021


Keynote Speech by Chade-Meng Tan

Three Fold Mission

Develop Scientific Literacy
As people curious about research, we often find it frustrating to read up on scientific literature because of the difficulties in understanding its language. Lab Expo breaks down this obstacle by creating an environment in which thorough yet simplistic explanations are emphasized to allow any individual to appreciate the capabilities of research. People from all backgrounds will gain an understanding of how to use the scientific method as a way to make discoveries of their own and have an admiration for the researchers who commit their lives to that end goal.
Promote Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Each field has their own nuanced approach on seeking more truths about humanity and the world around us. Because of this, bringing together diverse perspectives to tackle large-scale problems is the key to generate revolutionary advancements in the world's standard of living. Lab Expo provides a medium through which these interdisciplinary connections can be nurtured through open minds and different channels of communication. The low-stakes setting provided by the event allows for ease of discussion amongst the general public and researchers of a variety of fields.
Encourage Scientific Advocacy
Even the most convincing data results that prove a breakthrough discovery matter little if its significance is not conveyed well to the general public. The ability to communicate the importance of their research can change public opinion and affect policies regarding discoveries for the better, all with the impartial power of the scientific method. In Lab Expo, both seasoned and amatuer researchers exercise their ability to draw attention to their innovative experiments in order to allow better appreciation for the work they do.


If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact one of our planning chairs!
Mary Nguyen
Tammy Nguyen